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British Columbia Amateur Synchronized Swimming Association

The British Columbia Amateur Synchronized Swimming Association (Synchro BC) is the governing body for the sport in British Columbia. Synchro BC was registered as a not-for-profit organization in 1980 however it has been an organized sport in BC since 1952. Synchro BC governs the sport of Synchronized Swimming in our province, providing opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. Our programs include a wide range of participation, recreational and competitive levels to participants of all ages, genders, and skill levels.

Synchro BC is a not-for-profit society with a volunteer Board of Directors. Our various committees are all volunteer-based. Synchro BC provides a small, in office, staff to conduct the day-to-day business of the organization.

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Synchro BC’s membership includes a variety of member clubs that deliver synchronized swimming programming.


Board of Directors

PresidentRaeAnne Rose   |   email

Vice PresidentRhonda Vanderfluit

Director of FinanceCarol Stewart (Acting)

Director at Large Elise Cantner

Director at Large & Officials Committee ChairLisa Balcombe

Director at Large Sonja Dickinson

Director at LargeSusan Kemper

Director at Large – vacant

Director at Large – vacant

Roles and Responsibilities

BoD Meeting Minutes

The following Board of Directors meeting minutes are now available to the membership.



  • November 6, 2017 (uploaded December 6, 2017)
  • December 4, 2017
  • January 20, 2018
  • February 5, 2018
  • March 5, 2018
  • April 9, 2018
  • May 7, 2018
  • June 2018 (Date TBD)
  • July 9, 2018
  • September 10, 2018

Synchro BC Committees

Committee Procedures Terms of Reference

Committees of the Board:

Executive & Finance Committee

  • Terms of Reference (Dec 4-17)
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: RaeAnne Rose
    • Staff: Jennifer Keith
    • Members: Rhonda Vanderfluit, Carol Stewart (acting)

Governance & Nominations Committee

  • Terms of Reference (Dec 4-17)
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: RaeAnne Rose
    • Staff: Jennifer Keith
    • Members: Elise Cantner. Rhonda Vanderfluit

HR Committee

  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: RaeAnne Rose
    • Staff: Jennifer Keith
    • Members: Carol Stewart

Standing Committees:

Coaching Development Committee

  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: TBD
    • Staff: Susan Kemper, Tanya Magee
    • Members: Club Head Coaches or designated Club Representative

High Performance Committee

  • Terms of Reference (June 24, 2017)
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: Tara Gant
    • Staff: Susan Kemper
    • Members: Gail Donohue, Tanya Magee, Olena Foshchevska, Anne-Sophie Cote, Tina Naveri

Officials Committee

  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: Lisa Balcombe
    • Staff: Jennifer Keith
    • Members: Carol Stewart, Christina Demiris, Debbie Provencher, Lisa Balcombe, Madeleine Ramsay, Nicola Iten, Sharon Devana

Sport Development Committee

  • Terms of Reference (Dec 4, 2017)
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: TBD
    • Staff: Tanya Magee, Renate White
    • Members: Brenda Scott, Carrie Tse, Jordan Wuest, Katie Hopp, Elise Cantner

Ad Hoc Committees:

Awards Committee

  • Terms of Reference (May 23 2017)
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: Sonya Dickinson
    • Staff: Jennifer Keith
    • Members: Alina Aref’yeva, Morrie Baillie, Anne-Marie North

Adaptive Synchro Committee

  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: Carrie Tse
    • Staff: Tanya Magee – Sport Development Director
    • Members: Leah Papillo, Carol Stewart, Carrie Tse, Melinda Markser, Mackenzy Higgins, Tina Naveri, Disa Fladmark

Masters Committee

  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: Jordan Wuest
    • Staff: Tanya Magee – Sport Development Director
    • Members: Katie Hopp, Carly Schmitt, Jessica Nemlander, Melinda Markser, Loretta Pederson

2018 Espoir/World Series Local Organizing Committee

  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Members:
    • Chair: TBD
    • Staff: Jennifer Keith, Renate White
    • Members: Ingrid Bahng, Leah Papillo, Trish Paez-Hutt, Jenny Ho + 2 representatives from Burnaby Caprice (TBD)

For more information about the committees, please contact the Executive Director by email or phone (604-333-3642).

Constitution and Bylaws


2. The purpose of the Society are to:

a. Promote, teach, foster, encourage and improve Synchronized Swimming in British Columbia.
b. Regulate Amateur Synchronized Swimming in British Columbia and to deal with any infringement thereof.
c. Establish and maintain standards of certification of coaches and officials.
d. Stimulate public opinion in favour of providing proper accommodation, adequate facilities and trained instructors for teach and developing
synchronized Swimming in British Columbia.
e. To raise money to fulfill the purposes of the association.

3. Not For Profit
The purposes of the Association shall be carried out without gain or profit to its members and any profits or other accretions to the Association shall be used in promoting its purposes, and this is unalterable.

4. Dissolution
In the event that the Association should at any time be wound up or dissolved, the remaining assets after payment of all debts and liabilities shall, within one year, be turned over to another organization or organizations promoting the same purposes as the Association or to a recognized charitable organization in the Province of British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada or elsewhere in Canada as directed by the members, and this is unalterable.

5. Paragraphs 3,4,5, of this Constitution are unalterable in accordance with the Society Act.


The Bylaws are now available for download (last update: November 2014).

If you have any questions regarding the Synchro BC’s Constitution or Bylaws, do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director by email or by phone (604-333-3642).

Annual General Meeting


Synchro BC commits to emails being responded to within 48hours.

Position Name Contact
Executive Director (Interim)
Mo-Fr 9am-4pm
Jennifer Keith Phone: 604-333-3642
High Performance Director
Susan Kemper Phone: 604-333-3640
Sport Development Director
Tanya Magee Phone: 604-333-3640
Event Manager
Renate White Phone: 604-333-3640
Office Admin

Amanda Nichol Phone: 604-333-3640


Synchronized swimming grew as a sport from ornamental swimming and theatrical water ballets of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. In the early days, male swimmers performed round-dances in the water as a swimming art form, decorated with garlands or Chinese lanterns. In 1891, the Royal Life Saving Society of Great Britain (RLSS) published a handbook for swimmers encouraging “ornamental swimming” or “scientific swimming”.

For the full Origins of Synchronized Swimming, please visit the FINA website.

1981 marked the date of the first true Canadian National Team.

In 1983, the Canadian National Team won gold for the Team and Duet competitions and silver in the Solo event at an international competition in Ecuador.

Synchro was recognized as an Olympic sport in 1984 and Canada won silver medals in both the Solo and Duet events.

In 1985, Canada struck gold in all events at the FINA Cup in Indianapolis, USA.

In 1986, synchronized swimming competed in the Commonwealth Games for the first time.

In Seoul Korea Olympics in 1988, Canada won gold medals in both the Solo and Duet events.

Synchronized Swimming in British Columbia has been organized since 1952. The British Columbia Amateur Synchronized Swimming Association was formed under the BC Society Act in December 1980. Since that time BC synchronized swimmers have represented our province and Canada nationally and internationally with regularity.

Now commonly called Synchro BC, the not-for-profit association governs the sport in our province, providing opportunities and services for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Partners and Sponsors

The British Columbia Amateur Synchronized Swimming Association gratefully acknowledges the support of our sponsors and partners.

Funding Partners


Sport Partners


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Other Partners

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Please find below Synchro BC approved policies in alphabetical order.

Accident and Injury

  • Policy (approved July 18, 2015)
  • Report (approved July 18, 2015)


Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) and Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Plan

  • Policy (approved October 13, 2015)

Coaches Policies

Code of Conduct & Ethics

  • Policy (reviewed October 13, 2015)



“The federal government in partnership with Parachute Canada, a national injury prevention organization, have developed a new set of guidelines they hope will create the foundation for a more consistent approach to dealing with concussions in athletes.”

Conflict of Interest


Dispute and Conflict Resolution

Drug Free

  • Policy (approved April 18, 2015)

Equity and Access

  • Policy (approved April 18, 2015)

Fair Play

  • Policy (approved April 18, 2015)


Jewelry Policy

  • Policy (approved May 23, 2017)

Member Registration & Transfer

  • Policy (approved July 18, 2015)
  • Form (approved July 18, 2015)


Privacy (PIPA)

  • Policy (approved October 13, 2015)

Volunteer Program

  • Policy (approved October 13, 2015)

Workplace Bullying & Harassment


If you have any questions regarding the Synchro BC policies listed above, do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director by email or by phone (604-333-3642).

Strategic Plan

The Synchronized Swimming Association of British Columbia, doing business as Synchro BC, is the governing body for the sport in British Columbia. In 2013-14, Synchro BC had 17 Competitive Clubs, 4 Recreational Clubs and 2 University Clubs, representing 1,254 members. Under the leadership of Synchro Canada, Synchro BC joins nine other provincial associations and one territorial association (Yukon) and their member clubs in developing, promoting and delivering programming for over 7,000 participants across the country.

In September 2014, Synchro BC brought together a group of 22 Directors, coaches, officials, club leaders and staff gathered to develop the Synchro BC Strategic Plan for the next 4 year cycle. Delegates brought their own experience and expertise to the planning room, and “heard” from the members through a Member Survey conducted in June 2014.

This Strategic Plan provides the pathway for the sport to continue to grow and progress at the local levels throughout the province, the focus for provincial programming to inspire and enrich competitive and recreational participation and enhance partnerships, and outlines a solid direction for continuously improving performance at the national level.

Please download Synchro BC’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan for more details. (updated December 1, 2017).

Vision, Mission, and Mandate


Build, sustain and advance excellence in synchronized swimming at all levels throughout the province.

Mission Statement

Synchro BC governs, promotes, develops and delivers synchronized swimming programs and services for participants throughout BC.

Values Statement

  • We are CONNECTED as a community.
  • We strive for organizational EXCELLENCE
  • We offer INCLUSIVE programs and services so that all can benefit from our sport.
  • We act with INTEGRITY ensuring our decisions reflect ethical practices.
  • We communicate RESPECTFULLY with all participants.


RaeAnne Rose is President of Pharos Fundraising Strategy + Communication, based in Surrey, British Columbia. Since 1995, RaeAnne has worked with over 80 non-profit organizations in Western Canada focusing on capacity building, fund development, and communications strategy. Her clients span the full spectrum of the non-profit world from healthcare and social services to education, sport and the arts.


RaeAnne has been a member of the BC Aquasonics since 2009 and the Club President since 2014. During her tenure as President, the Club developed a strategic plan, overhauled its governance, business and communications practices, launched a dynamic new website, and expanded to a new location.


RaeAnne’s expertise is broadly focused on strategic and program planning, annual gift and capital campaign fundraising, grant research and writing, and communication. Working with her clients, she has helped raise tens of millions of dollars in the non-profit sector and positioned them for greater success in the future. She has assisted numerous clients to navigate the community gaming grant system as well as develop better governance structures and management systems. Overall, her intent is for each client to become more self-sufficient and effective, and to make better decisions because they have the tools and knowledge to do so.



2016 AGM - Nomination - Rhonda Vanderfluit - PhotoI started synchro in Saskatchewan as a child.  I left after the Saskatchewan Winter Games because family moved to Terrace, BC where there was no synchro club, so I played water polo through high school and undergrad at UBC. When I moved to Toronto to do a second degree, I returned to synchro with the UofT Varsity team.  I was Head Coach of UofT synchro in my last year. I continued to play water polo and swim synchro as well as coach while at UofT.


I have now been swimming with Vancouver Masters Synchro for 16 years.  I have represented VMS at many Provincial, National and International competitions. My daughter also now swims with VPW/PWS.


I have been on the board of directors of Vancouver Masters Synchro for 14 years and VPW/PWS for 4 years.  I will be completing my term as President of PWS and taking over as Registrar for this upcoming season.


I also have extensive board experience with the Youth Parliament of BC Alumni Society, an educational and service organization.  I have served in many different board positions with that organization, including chair.


Carol Stewart has been a member of Synchro for over 30 years as a parent, club executive, meet manager, official (judge and referee) both provincial and national.  She has been on the board for the past few years and still an member of the officials committee.



2015 AGM - Nomination - Elise Fagnan - PhotoElise Cantner (nee Fagnan) is a Competition Development Certified coach with a diploma in Kinesiology. Elise has coached in the province in many different capacities – recreational, provincial, national, masters, and summer games.


Prior to coaching she was an athlete with Vancouver Pacific Wave for 10 years. This time as an athlete and now as a coach has grown her passion for sport and sport development.


Currently, Elise is the chair of the Sport Development committee and is working towards her Bachelors in Nursing degree.


For me, synchronized swimming began in 1976 when my mom saw an ad in the local newspaper about a sport involving “swimming up-side-down to music.”  Since I had spent the last few years frustrating my speed swimming coaches with this very behaviour, my mom signed me up.  This marked the start of my synchronized swimming career and a lifelong love for the sport.


Over the following 40 years I have been an athlete, a coach, an educator, and an official; at present, I am all four.   The highlight of my amateur swimming career was when I had the great honour of representing Nova Scotia at the 1983 Jeux de Canada Games in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec. This past season, I was the luckiest duet partner ever swimming a master’s duet with the love of my life, my amazing husband, Don.  As a coach, I was proud to support a junior team to their highest level of competition at the 1990 Western Synchronized Swimming Championships. As an educator, I have trained many officials, led collaborative sessions with coaches and officials, contributed to the writing of the Star Manual, co-authored the Aquasquirts Program, and collaborated with senior officials on proposals to FINA. However amazing all these experiences have been, my greatest honour has been as an official.


Since 1986 I have been practicing and honing my skills as a synchronized swimming judge.  I have had the great pleasure of officiating at many provincial and national events where I have met so many dedicated volunteers who share my love for the sport. Such love led to my dream of becoming an international official, which I am proud to say I have finally accomplished with my recent advancement to Level V UANA G official.  In the summer of 2016, I had the great honour of realizing this goal as a practice judge at the US Open in Riverside, California.  This event was an amazing introduction to the international scene; an unforgettable judging experience as five Olympic duets participated. This dream was made possible due in large part to my fantastic mentors who have shared their knowledge and expertise with me throughout my Synchro career. I am so grateful to each and every one of them. 


When not poolside, ironically, I play a role where judgement is the very last thing on my mind.  As a special education teacher, each and every day, I spend erasing judgement from the minds of my students replacing it with the courage to dream, the courage to work hard for their dreams, and the courage to believe their dreams can come true.


I thank everyone who has been a part of my Synchro journey.  As with synchronized swimming, our goals are realized not as individuals but as a team.



2016 AGM - Nomination - Sonja Dickinson - PhotoSonja believes in the adage that “you can’t complain about the outcome if you’re not part of the process”. To that end she has devoted extensive volunteer hours to numerous sports organizations in many different roles. Most significantly, she has been a part of the synchronized swimming scene in BC since 2008, first as a volunteer with the North Vancouver Cruisers Swim Club and the BCSSA and in the last 5 years with the Vancouver Pacific Wave Club, four of those years as a board member. She has participated in most competitions doing various jobs, from refereeing, scorekeeping, announcing and videotaping at competitions, coordinating club travel and events and chaperoning for teams, both Club and Canada Winter Games. Most recently her daughter competed internationally for Canada on the national junior team, giving her a new insight into the sport at the international level.

With a diploma in Operations Management from BCIT and 17 years working as a business analyst for a large crown corporation, Sonja has been involved in implementing numerous successful projects designed to improve business processes and systems, as well as customer service/support. She has a keen eye for detail, a natural sense of curiosity, and is not averse to challenging the status quo in her pursuit to improve processes.

Sonja is a true believer in the benefits of synchronized swimming, having witnessed the transformation and growth of her daughter, not only in the sport, but also in her development as a person. Sonja would like to continue to devote some of her time and energy to a sport that gives girls--and hopefully more boys in the future--such a wide spectrum of skills and ultimately, a great foundation for their life’s journey.



2016 AGM - Nomination - Susan Kemper - PhotoSusan Kemper has been active in synchronized swimming for over thirty years as an athlete and coach for BC and Canada. She coached Synchro Canada’s National Team for seven years including Head Coach of the 2008 Olympic Team. Susan has also developed multiple National Team athletes from the province of BC including a 2008 Olympian. Today, she is a highly sought after High Performance Consultant mentoring colleagues across the country, running multiple High Performance Camps for both provinces and clubs each season, and Head Coach of the BC Aquasonics.

Susan is a Chartered Professional Coach and in 2006 she became a fully certified NCCP Level 5 Coach, the first coach in synchronized swimming with Level 5 Certification and the ninth woman in Canadian Sport. In 2009, Susan was inducted as a “Builder” for sport into the Coquitlam Sports Hall of Fame, a huge honour at this early phase in her sporting career. As member of Synchro Canada’s Coaching Development Team, a Master Learning Facilitator for their Competition Development Coaching Program, and a coach for Synchro BC, Susan is influential at all levels of the sport, building strong, well-balanced, successful athletes for the province and the country.