Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything
~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

If you are a parent, official, volunteer or previous synchronized swimming athlete you too can be a coach! Coaching is a field that welcomes people of any age, and any background. Please continue reading below if you are a coach or are curious about what synchro coaches do.

Resources on beginning your coaching journey

For more information about “Coaching Basics” and how to “Get Coaching!”, check out the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) or National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) website called “The Locker”. Both websites are a great resource to get started or stay updated with the coaching world.

Check out NCCP model, the NCCP chart and the Synchro Canada Coaching Development Pathway for a better overview

Synchro BC Coaches Membership

Coaches need to be a registered member of Synchro BC by registering through a club. There are two kinds of Coaches’ Memberships:

Provincial Coaches
Coaches who coach Aquasquirts, Recreational, Provincial and/or National Stream athletes within the province only.

National Coaches
Coaches who coach National Stream athletes that compete at a National Event.

For coaches’ registration fees, please check out our Membership Package on the Club Registration page.

NCCP and Education

  • Synchro Instructor
    This workshop is aimed at recreational level coaches who have no prior coaching experience. Covering the fundamentals of STAR 1-8 figures, skill development, routine basics, and safety in the water, this workshop will prepare participants to teach basic synchronized swimming to beginners. Training provided by Synchro BC.
  • Competition Introduction
    Intended for coaches who have taken the Synchro Instructor course and who are now coaching competitive athletes aged 6 to 15, this two-day course focuses on planning, long-term athlete development, and performance analysis. For certification please contact the Event Manager to arrange for an evaluator. Training provided by Synchro BC.
  • Competition Development
    Designed for coaches of National stream athletes aged 12-16, this comprehensive 4.5-day workshop focuses primarily on the development of a yearly training plan, including monthly and weekly installments, and on training techniques for figures and routines of National level athletes. In a classroom setting coaches will learn about developing athletic abilities, managing a program, analyzing figure and routine abilities and performance planning. The following multi-sport evaluations are required in order to be certified (please contact the Event Manager to arrange for an evaluator):
    – Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation – Competition – Development*
    – Leading Drug-free Sport Online Evaluation*
    – Managing Conflict Online Evaluation *
    *Training is recommended. Training provided by Synchro Canada.
  • Advanced Coaching Diploma
    The Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) is the pinnacle of a coaches’ education in the National Coaching Certification Program. ACD coaches are recognized as being among the most qualified coaches and leaders of athletes and sport programs provincially, nationally and internationally.
    For more information, please contact the Coaches Association of Canada.
    Training provided by Canadian Sport Centres and Canadian Sport Institutes in various locations.
  • Make Ethical Decisions
    By successfully completing the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) training, coaches will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and surety. MED training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport.
    MED training is a cornerstone of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), and leaves coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough. Fore more information about MED, Please visit the CAC website.
  • Professional Development Points
    Certified Coaches need to accumulate a certain amount of Professional Development (PD) points within a 5-year-cycle to maintain their CERTIFIED status. Coaches who have a TRAINED status are not required to accumulate PD points. At this time, PD points do not apply to Levels 4 & 5 coaches. The 5-year cycle begins on January 1st after a coach achieves certified status. Any professional development events a coach does before the cycle begins will not count. The number of points required is context specific:

    • 10 PD points – Synchro Instructor
    • 20 PD points – Competition Introduction
    • 30 PD points – Competition Development

For past Professional Development webinars and workshops and supporting documents, please visit our YouTube Channel and Resource page!

Are you being evaluated by video but don’t have the equipment necessary? Visit viaSport’s website for evaluation toolkits available to coaches for free!

Upcoming Courses

Please check out our Calendar for upcoming courses and Professional Development. If you wish to be added to a waiting list in your area, please contact our Event Manager directly.
Please note that the courses have room to accommodate 6-8 participants, on a first come basis.

Coaching Bursary Award

The purpose of the Synchro BC Professional Development Coaching Bursary is to assist coaches who are interested in upgrading their technical expertise and/or experience. Please visit the Bursary Page for more information.

ViaSport also awards the Bob Bearpark Coaching Bursary Award. For more information, please visit ViaSport’s website directly.

Coaching Awards

For more information on Awards and to download the criteria and nomination forms, please check out the Awards Page.

  • Synchro BC Excellence in Coaching Award
    As part of the continued effort to recognize and support excellence in the province of BC, Synchro BC will be awarding the Excellence in Coaching Award. The Excellence in Coaching Award was created to recognize outstanding individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership in the sport of synchronized swimming at the provincial level.
  • Synchro BC Female Coach of the Year Award
    Based on Sport BC’s Female Coach of the Year Award, this award recognizes an individual who has been responsible for coaching a team(s) and/or individuals at the national level in British Columbia.
  • Coaches BC Legacy Grant (viaSport Grant)
  • Northern BC Coaching Development Fund (viaSport Grant)