BC Summer Games

BCGames-proof3The BC Games were originally a vision of Premier W. R. Bennett who believed in providing “an opportunity to bring all parts of BC together, large and small communities, in the spirit of sport and friendship”.  Mr. Bennett’s vision for the BC Games has provided a substantial foundation and structure on which excellence in sport and community has been and continues to be built.

Established in 1977 by the Provincial Government under the Societies Act, The original mandate of the BC Summer and Winter Games Society was to provide an opportunity for all British Columbians to compete in an organized sports festival that promoted physical fitness, individual achievement, and community pride.  The very first BC Summer Games were held in Penticton in 1978 with the first BC Winter Games taking place the following year in Kamloops.

Now names the BC Games Society, in 1994, we shifted from a participation focused event to become a key part of athlete and sport development in the province.


Mission Statement

The BC Games Society is the leadership organization that guides the BC Winter and BC Summer Games and prepares Team BC for national multi-sport Games.  We build on the expertise and support of partners to create development opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and communities.





Synchro BC first participated in the BC Summer Games in 1996 and has since been part of the following games. Please click on “Download” for final results and standings of each year.

Year Location Results
1996 TBA TBA
1998 TBA TBA
2000 TBA TBA
2002 Victoria TBA
2004 Abbotsford TBA
2006 Kamloops TBA
2008 Kelowna TBA
2010 Township of Langley TBA
2012 Surrey TBA
2014 Nanaimo TBA
2016 Abbotsford TBA

Individual results can be found on the BC Games Results Page.

Please visit the BC Games Society website for more information.