Volunteer at a Meet

Thank you for volunteering your time.

The following duties are for volunteers working on the deck during figures and rountine meets. Volunteers do not require any knowledge or experience in order to volunteer for any of the positions. Instructions will be given for the volunteer position you will be doing during the warm-up periods.

All deck volunteers are to report to the Chief Referee and their assistant(s) at the beginning of the warm up (usually 30min before event start). The chief referee and assistants are all wearing a red Synchro BC golf shirt.

For example, the volunteer is volunteering for events 6 to 9, which start at 1:00 pm. The warm-up for these events starts at 12:30 pm. The volunteers need to report to the Chief Referee at 12:30 pm sharp.



  • Report to Chief Referee at the beginning of the warm up
    (usually 30 minutes before each event starts)
  • Check your name off the volunteer schedule
  • Chief Referee or their assistant will instruct you on your duties
  • Duties will be given verbally and can also be found in writing on each table


Volunteer Requirements for Figure Events

Scorers (3)

  • Check-in at the Volunteer Registration table or, if not available,
  • Go to the panel that you signed up for.
  • Volunteers need to be comfortable using a calculator.
  • Three (3) different volunteers are required to record scores.
  • All three scorers record marks read by the panel referee (marks from 3, 4 or 5 judges) onto the scoring sheets provided by Synchro BC.
    – Middle scorer (1) records marks across the scoring sheets.
    – Outside scorers (2) record marks down the scoring sheets.
  • If you as a scorer, do not hear the referee, quickly ask for a *RE-READ*. Make sure this is done before the next swimmer(competitor) begins
  • When there is a pre-swimmer, their marks are recorded. The pre-swimmer is shown on the score sheets as “PS”. There will be a brief conference after the pre-swimmer and before the first competitor starts. Be aware that the first competitor for each panel/figure may not be number “1”. Listen to the panel referee and he/she will announce the number of the next swimmer.
  • The two scorers at each end of the table will add up the judges’ marks and give them to the middle scorer.
    – If the totals from the two outside scorers are the same, the middle scorer will record the total on their score sheet.
    – If the totals from the two outside scorers are not the same, the middle scorer will quietly re-read the marks to the outside scorers. Total Scores will then be re-calculated by the outside scorers.
    – If the total score is still not the same, please ask your panel referee for a short event pause. The referee will provide direction in such a case.
  • Please enter penalties given by the panel referee on the “penalty” line and highlight the entire row with the highlighter provided. The referee will initial the penalty. Any adjustments made to scores will be made in Synchro BC’s electronic scoring program.
  • During the event, please keep talking to a minimum. It may be distracting to the judges and everyone’s attention/focus is appreciated to allow accuracy in recording of marks. Please – No use of cell phones or cameras. Cell phones should be put on “silent” or turned off.
  • If your panel is finished early, quietly leave the pool deck. Other panels may still be operational.


Volunteers Requirement for Routine Events

Timers (4)

  • Go to the timing table. Volunteers should be comfortable using a stop watch.
  • Each timer fills out one timing chit for each competitor for the events they are timing.
  • Both “Walk On Timers” sit together.
  • Both “Deck/Routine Timers” sit together.

Walk On Timers
The walk on timers start the stopwatch when the first competitor steps over the red marker that is laid out on the bulkhead or on the pool deck. The volunteer stops the stopwatch when the last swimmer is stationary. The volunteer then writes the time shown on the stopwatch on the “walk on line” on their timing chit. This job is done until the next competitor. Please pay attention and watch for the competitors and referee to to ensure to catch the start of the next walk on.

Deck and Routine Timers
The deck and routine timers listen for the music to start. Start the watch at the first indication of the music. As soon as the last competitor enters the water, look down at the running stopwatch and record the amount of time passed on the line for “Deck Time” on the timing chit. Only stop the stopwatch once the music completely finishes and write that time down on the line for “Routine Time” on the timing chit.

If times are too short or exceed the time limits provided by Synchro BC for the event, highlight the recorded time with the highlighter provided.

After each competitor pass all the chits to one end of the table for the runner to collect. During the event, please keep talking to a minimum. It is distracting to others at the table and everyone’s attention/focus is appreciated to allow accuracy in the recording of marks. No use of cell phones or cameras. Please ensure cell phones are on “silent”.


Runners (2)

  • The two (2) runners will be instructed by the Chief Referee regarding their duties.
  • Each runner will collect chits from one of the two sides of the pool where the judges are seated. The side of the pool from which each runner collects the chits will be decided on before the event starts.
  • Each runner picks up the judges’ chits from the judges on the pool side that they are assigned and takes them to the scorer’s table (i.e. where the announcer is).
  • In addition, the runner on the timing side collects the timing chits as they walk by.
  • Runners are the only volunteers that are allowed to walk on deck during a routine.


Music (1)

  • iPod/iPad knowledge is preferred. All songs are already listed in their respective playlist in the correct order.
  • This volunteer will receive instructions on the music system and the weekend program from the Event Manager to follow along and ensure all songs are listed correctly on the iPod/iPad.
  • As soon as the referee blows the whistle at the beginning of each routine, press play on the iPod/iPad.
  • During the routine, pay attention to the referee and competitors’ coach standing on the entry side of the pool space for any of the following:
    – Turn volume up
    – Turn volume down
    – Stop the music


Announcer (1)

  • Contact the Event Manager ahead of time to receive the script (competitions@synchro.bc.ca).
  • Review the announcer’s script ahead of time (even a few hours ahead) and ask questions where needed. ex: pronunciation of names
  • Receive the correct officials name to insert into the announcer script after each warm-up/break.
  • Review meet program and event lists to go over names of swimmers, coaches and judges to ensure you can pronounce their names.


Assistant Scorer (1)

  • Contact the Event Manager a minimum of one week prior to the competition in order to receive instructions for this position (competitions@synchro.bc.ca).
  • On the day of competition, report to the Event Manager to review the duties required.
  • Place judges chits in numerical order, staple each set and pass to scorer.
  • Once scorer has entered the scores, read marks to ensure accuracy.
  • Check timer chits for any highlighted times and advise scorer if there are any highlighted areas.
  • Staple all chits together.
  • When finished, staple the event chits to the event results and set aside for the scorer.


Videographer (1)

  • Record all routines with video camera provided by Synchro BC.
  • Start video at the “walk-on” of each routine.
  • Stop video when routine/music stops.


Security (2)

  • Volunteer lists are posted at the end of the pool deck.
  • Keep the pool deck clear during the completion.
  • Ensure that only athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers who need to be on the deck, are on the deck. Everyone else is not allowed.
  • While a routine is being performed, no one should be walking on the deck. Do not allow anyone to pass until the routine has finished performing, unless there is an emergency.