Member Benefits

Operations Support

  • Maintain Strategic plan for regional and provincial success
  • Organization and support for provincial events and competitions
  • Domestic and/or National Member Accident and Liability Insurance
  • Website News and Updates
    – Programs, Services and Resources
    – Member Registration
    – Policy, Procedures and Technical Information
    – Merchandise
    – Secure Login Advantages
  • Advocacy for Pool Development and Design
  • Advocacy for Grants and other Types of Funding
  • High School External Sport Credits
  • Athlete Assistance Funding Support
  • Star and AquaSquirts and AquaSquirts Too Program


Member Services

  • Coaches’ Training and Certification
  • Officials Training and Certification
  • Talent Identification Program
  • Conferences, seminars and clinics for all levels of membership
  • Technical Packages Information
  • Long Term Athlete Development
  • Awards and Recognition for all member categories
  • Synchronized Swimming Archive Access


Competition Access

  • Organize and host/deliver all provincial competitions
  • Online Competition Registration
  • Training and Regional Meets
  • Provincial Championships
  • High School Championships
  • BC Summer Games
  • Canada Winter Games
  • Qualifier, Canadian Open or Espoir National Championships



  • Communication of current information and updates for the sport
  • Liability Insurance for Club Executives
  • Access to Insurance for Club Equipment
  • Fundraising Support
  • Access to Club Education and Development Support through clinics and seminars
  • Travel Grants
  • Coach Classified Advertisements
  • Equipment classified advertisements
  • Policy and Procedure Support
  • New Club development information and support