Athlete Assistance Program


The BC Athlete Assistance Program (BC AAP) is an athlete-centred program of financial assistance funded by the Province of British Columbia through the Sport Branch of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and administered through ViaSport British Columbia.



The intent of the BC Athlete Assistance Program (BC AAP) is to:

  • Provide support to BC high performance athletes striving to represent the Province and Canada in athletic competition.
  • Relieve some of the pressures associated with training and competition needs association with participation in national and international sport.

The targeted athletes for this program are:

  • Those in the position to compete for Team BC
  • Those who are ranked just below the cut-off to receive Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program funding (S1/S2 carding levels)
    Please note: athletes in receipt of Sport Canada funding may be eligible for BC AAP funding.


Provincial Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

The full Provincial Sport Organization guidelines, policies and procedures can be found on the viaSport website. All information regarding selection and eligibility is subject to change and is determined by the most recent guidelines received.
Funding given in the current year is based on BC AAP results from the previous season and dependent on the budget received from the government of BC; which can change from season to season.



For a list of recipients, please check the Athlete Assistance Program Recipients page.







The BC Athlete Assistance program is funded by the Provincial Government and administered by
viaSport British Columbia in support of BC athletes reaching their athletic goals.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia
through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.