Awards & Recognition


Synchro BC is proud to award yearly awards and recognitions listed below at the Annual Awards Banquet. Synchro BC would also like to congratulate and recognize all award Recipients for their hard work and dedication to our sport of Synchronized Swimming.


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Jean Peters

Jean Peters started Burnaby Caprice in 1970 at C.G. Brown pool and also started the first Masters club in BC in 1980.  She herself was a master’s athlete coached by her daughter Leonna Hamm and attended Masters Worlds in Denmark with her duet partner Lorraine Rowland.  Jean also volunteered her time as judge for the sport of Synchronized swimming.  Jean Peters was a true pioneer for Synchro for our province.

Jean Peters was inducted to the Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame on Feb 21, 2008.


Mable Moran

Mable moved from Vancouver to Calgary, and she and her family joined the newly opened Calgary Winter Club.  She had heard about Synchro lessons being offered there and decided she would give it a try.  Her coach was Marg Scott.  When the Winter Club offered courses to become Synchro Instructors, Mable registered and quickly became an Instructor at the Club. From there, Mable became a Star Examiner and eventually became a National Judge.

Mable continued to coach and judge in Calgary and to judge across Canada. She was also invited to judge in Sweden and Germany.  In the early 80’s her Husband was transferred back to Vancouver, where Mable continued to coach and judge.  Upon Mable’s return to Vancouver, she met Donalda and Donalda asked Mable to be the BC Judges Chairman. Mable continued in this role for two years, arranging various courses, traveling and attending meetings.

Mable retired from judging at 70 years of age in the early 2000’s.  She has many fond memories of her years with Synchro and is happy to keep in touch.