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Meet Synchro BC’s Leadership Team ~Part 1

June 6, 2017

Meet Tanya Magee – Sport Development Director: Synchro hooks you!

ATHLETE: I started synchro with the Coquitlam Coralinas when I was 6 years old. I was first selected to Team Canada when I was 15 which was a complete surprise! When I called my mom to tell her, she wanted to speak to my coach because she didn’t believe me! I competed on the National team for 7 years, living in Montreal and training at the Centre of Excellence for three of those years.

COACH: I have been coaching since I was 14 years old. I am a Coach for the BC Aquasonics and I coordinate the recreation programs for the Club. I have also coached for Dollard Synchro in Montreal and was an Apprentice Coach for the National Team in 2008, as well as a Team BC Assistant Coach for the 2011 Canada Winter Games Team.

QUALIFICATIONS: I am a Chartered Professional Coach and am currently pursuing my Advanced Coaching Diploma. Additionally, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Coaching. It was while I was working on my degree that I decided to pursue coaching as a profession. It was a chance to combine my two passions in one career: teaching and synchronized swimming.

SPORT PHILOSOPHY: I believe that everyone I coach is a person first and foremost. They are not just an athlete that walks onto the pool deck, trains and then does not exist when they leave the building. They are a human being who deserves my respect, honesty, and personal best. Sport has helped shape me to be the person I am today and, for that reason, I strive to do that for my athletes. Sport can teach life skills and, as a coach, my goal for every athlete is for them to grow into confident, successful human beings long after their athletic careers are finished. This philosophy will carry over in to my new role as I work with all the members of this organization.

SYNCHRO IN BC: We have so many successes in BC: our officials at the Olympics, our coaches who make synchro a career, our first athlete with a disability going to national championships, our Masters athletes representing us on the world stage. We have incredible, long-term loyalty from so many passionate people who are willing and wanting to help. Synchro hooks you! We need to tap into that passion to grow our sport.

LEADERSHIP: I want to be the leader that leads from behind: making suggestions, listening to suggestions, and making a plan that we can all feel a part of. I want it to be a membership effort that we can all celebrate. One of my goals from the beginning is to open the lines of communication.

GOALS: I want to focus on what is right for BC. Not everything that is done elsewhere will work here and not everything works at every level. I want us to be thoughtful and thorough when we implement a new program. We need to be reflective, to evaluate, and ask why.

OUTSIDE SYNCHRO: I am mom to 4-year-old Rya and 2-year-old Addisyn. When I am not coaching, you may still find me at the pool taking my kids to their swimming lessons (yes, they love the water!). I am also a T-ball mom, soccer mom, and gymnastics mom! I guess you can call me a foodie since I love to cook and sometimes post pictures of my food on social media! My favorite place to unwind is Shuswap Lake where I love to waterski, spend time with family, and enjoy the scenery.

FUN FACTS: You could say that water is in my blood. My mom was a synchronized swimmer and won medals at National Championships, my sister is a double bronze medallist at the 2003 Canada Winter Games, and Brent Hayden, Canadian Olympic Medallist in swimming, is my cousin (2nd cousin but who is keeping track!).