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Meet Synchro BC’s Leadership Team ~Part 2

June 28, 2017

Meet Susan Kemper – High Performance Director: The big ideas are coming from the trenches


ATHLETE: I started synchro with the Coquitlam Coralinas when I was 9 years old. Some of our current officials still remind me that they judged me then! I was 16 when I was selected to Team Canada and swam with the National Team for 7 years.


COACH: I have been coaching since I was 16 years old. I coached Canada’s National Team for seven years, including Head Coach of the 2008 Olympic Team. I have also been Head Coach of the BC Aquasonics since 1996 and I work as a high performance consultant in Canada and internationally.


QUALIFICATIONS: I am a Chartered Professional Coach and, in 2006, I became a fully certified NCCP Level 5 Coach, the first coach in synchronized swimming and the ninth woman in Canadian Sport to do so.


MY SYNCHRO NETWORK: I have always been here – since I was 9!! – and I am here for the long haul. I want synchro in BC to thrive and I want to be a part of it. I have a huge network of friends and colleagues across the country. That creates great opportunities for gathering information, finding help, and solving problems.


TID PROGRAM: My vision is to develop an Academy style program where we focus on building the technical and tactical strengths of the individuals, which in turn will improve the team. We need to help each athlete master their position. Then, when we come together as a team to build the choreography, we have a really strong foundation on which to build.


SYNCHRO IN BC: In Canada, our sport leadership is made up of the top coaches, clubs, and programs in the country. That’s where the best practices are developed – the big ideas are coming from the trenches. We can take the best of that thinking and use it in BC but we can also lead from within the province. We have to do what works for BC.


LEADERSHIP: I have wanted to lead this High Performance program since 2008 but timing is everything. You can’t pull everyone along – we need to walk this walk together. We needed the right leadership in place and I think we have that now. Its time to create a partnership with the coaches in BC. We are going to have a map and we will find the best route forward.


OUTSIDE SYNCHRO: I am the mom of a rock star softball pitcher and I spend every moment I can at the ball diamond cheering her on. Sydni was offered a full-ride scholarship to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix – I couldn’t be more proud.


FROM THE ARCHIVES: My mom, Maureen Crews, is a past President of Synchro BC


FUN (AND AMAZING!) FACT: When I competed as a senior athlete for BC, judges’ marks included 10s in the team event, three years in a row.