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T2T December 2017 Update

December 6, 2017

The third and final camp of 2017 has already come and gone for our T2T athletes! This camp was a little more exciting as they got to train alongside the Talent I.D. athletes. Good thing because it was 6:45 am and the coaches knew the early start would be tough for some athletes. 😊 

Both groups got right to work with their deck warm-up and we saw two different ways that our athletes get ready to start the day. The T2T athletes continued with their “Jungle Tiger” themed deck warm-up (be sure to ask them what a Jungle Tiger is as opposed to a Zoo Tiger!).  They then got in the pool for a fun relay style warm-up complete with a foot-first I.M. relay that had the coaches chuckling as the girls worked to co-ordinate their bodies  and figure out how a first-first butterfly works!

After warm-up, the athletes learned about why they do the hypoxia test and how important it is for our sport. They even found out that it is the same test that the National Team does (only a bit shorter distance for our T2T group!). Pretty cool to know they are working like the National Team!  It was then time for some technical station work. All three coaches shared some new drills that the athletes could share with their teammates and coaches. Continuing to work on cooperation and creativity rounded out the water-work for the group. 

On land, the athletes went over some “homework cards” & exercise videos that the experts at Fortius Sport & Health created for them based on the testing results they had completed during camp #1. It was great to have guest coach Erin Williams present so she could use her knowledge working with SFU varsity athletics to help ensure our athletes were learning proper techniques. These cards and videos will be shared with the athletes and their coaches so that they can continue to build upon these areas over the season. The final session for our group was a nutrition session that was combined with the TID athletes. What a great way to wrap-up the 2017 camps!

Going in to 2018, our T2T athletes will continue to build their individual technical skills through private lesson training. It will be exciting to see the improvements when they come back together for a final camp in the summer! 

Tanya Magee, ChPC, BPEC
Sport Development Director
Synchro BC