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January 11, 2018

January 9, 2018

Happy New Year Sport Leaders,

Over the last five months of 2017, more than 400 sport leaders participated in one of viaSport’s many education sessions. These sessions were designed to develop sport leaders’ knowledge, skills and capacity to adopt effective practices and to strengthen their organizations in the areas of organizational readiness, sport for life, coaching and excellence. Committed to improving B.C.’s sport system, we recruited partners from the sport sector as well as domain experts to share their experience, best practices and resources.

As we start 2018, I am proud to highlight some of the lessons learned from each session, and to share our plans for building on this foundation.

In partnership with You Can Play, this event created awareness around the need for inclusivity in sport and how organizations can create inclusive spaces for individuals that identify with the LGBTQI2S community.
Promoting LGBTQI2S Inclusion in Sports

Risk Management
Presenters from SportMedBC, Sport & Law Strategy Group and Sport BC Insurance were invited to share practical solutions on how to minimize the risks involved in sport.
3 areas of focus to minimize sport risk

Brand Building 101
Emblematica joined viaSport to share the importance of building a clear brand identity to grow participation and the importance of linking brand strategy with organizational priorities, communications and stakeholder relations. The participants also learned from the branding experiences of Curl BC, Tennis BC and CSI Pacific.
3 tips to build your sport brand

Building Safe Sport: Protecting Youth from Sexual Abuse
In partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada, Respect Group and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, this working session increased awareness of the issues related to child abuse in sport and provided tools for organizations to make policy changes required to enhance the safety of their sport environment.
Is your sport organization keeping kids safe?

In addition to the partner education sessions listed above, we also held our bi-annual Coach Developer Conference in Victoria, planned and hosted quarterly Powering Podiums with CSI Pacific, and launched a made-in-BC leadership mastery program entitled SportLab.

In all of these sessions, there was a high level of engagement and an appetite for learning from those participating. This year, we are looking to dive deeper into each of the topics that we touched on in 2017, including:
Policy development and implementation in the areas of LGBTQI2S, Code of Conduct, Discipline & Complaints, Dispute Resolution and Appeals
A Sport Law Connect Pilot Program to establish a pool of BC law students to assist sport organizations with dispute resolution
Brand building to strengthen attraction and retention of members and investors
We welcome your feedback on our planned initiatives. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about what we’re working on here at viaSport, or any suggestions about how we can continue to enable your organization’s learning and development.

Yours viaSport,

Sheila Bouman
Chief Executive Officer