Different Types of Programs

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Advantages of a Synchro Swim Program

  • Fun!! Variety!! Challenge!!
  • Adds creativity to your aquatics program through music, dance and drama.
  • Flexible, can accommodate any number.
  • Suitable for swimmers of all ages, abilities and genders.
  • Develops water orientation and aquatic skills.
  • Allows early progression to keep up interest in aquatics.
  • Useful training for Red Cross and R.L.S.S. lifesaving awards.
  • Offers opportunity for competitive or recreational involvement.
  • Physical fitness: cardiac, respiratory, and muscular, as well as strength, endurance and flexibility.

Provincial and National Competition Systems

All competitive synchronized swimmers in Canada compete in either the National Age Group system or the Provincial Level System, both of which are based on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. Both systems ensure that athletes are training and competing within the LTAD stages by respecting their chronological and development age.

The National Age Group system aligns with our International sport body, FINA to ensure smooth transition to International competition.

Provincial level programs differ from province to province in order to meet the needs of its athletes and coaches. Here in BC, our competitive structure is comprised of five levels that are based on ability and age. Athletes must meet both the star requirements and the age requirements to be admitted to the appropriate level. Please refer to our provincial structure under Technical Information for more information.

For more information on the National Age Group system, please go to Synchro Canada’s website for details.

For the majority of swimmers the competitive season usually begins in the fall of one year, and ends by June of the next.


AquaSquirtsWhat do you get when you combine active, water-friendly kids, a turnkey swimming program and heaps of fun? AquaSquirts! Synchro Canada and the Canadian Red Cross have teamed up to deliver AquaSquirts and AquaSquirts Too (now available), two new play-based water orientation programs to help develop swimming skills in a creative and imaginative atmosphere. These programs are currently offered by pool programmers, synchronized swimming clubs and camp directors in pools across Canada!

“I’m actually excited to teach my next class so I can use these ideas. Thank you for making teaching fun again!”

For information on AquaSquirts, please check out their website.

Star Program

Star ProgramFor swimmers eager to learn the sport of synchronized swimming, Synchro Canada’s Star Program offers progressive, step-by-step instruction and evaluation suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, including persons with disabilities.

This developmental skills program offers instruction starting with basic skills and moving to more advanced techniques as swimmers progress through the levels. Swimmers will learn all of the fundamental skills, basic figures and their parts, and be introducted to a sequence and routine comonent in the early levels (Stars 1-10). They will then move on to the most challenging figures and routine skill sets in the Superstar 1-7 levels.

For more information, please go to Synchro Canada’s website: Star Progam for details.

Master Program

For information on the Master Program, please go to Synchro Canada’s website: Master Progam for details.


The External Sport Credentials Program (ESCP) gives students the opportunity to earn graduation credits for approved levels of competition as an athlete, coach and/or official.
Students can obtain External Sport Credits in these categories:

  • Athlete (10, 11, 12)
  • Coach (11, 12)
  • Official (10, 11, 12)

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the External Credentials program and the Sport Credits Portion of this program is administered and monitored by the Sport Branch of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

To see which sports are involved in the program, eligibility standards and for more visit the Ministry of Education’s External Credentials Sport Program website.


  • Students do not have to be in a specific grade to receive that grade’s credit. For example, a grade 10 student who is competing on a provincial team going to a national championship will receive credit for Athlete 12. Likewise, a grade 11 student who competed in the BC Games while he/she was in grade seven will receive credit for Athlete 10.
  • Students who have participated in approved programs before they reach grade 10 can receive credit for their past participation by obtaining written documentation to verify their participation.
  • Once a student has received credit for a particular level within the athlete, official or coach categories, he or she cannot receive additional credits for duplicate participation.


  • Check to see if your sport program is approved to receive credit in the External Sport Credentials Program.
  • Obtain written documentation from the appropriate organizations:
    • Athlete Category programs – provincial or national sport organization.
    • Official Category programs – provincial sport organization.
    • Coach Category programs – you will need to submit the required documentation to the Sport Branch of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. The documentation will be reviewed and if all requirements are met a verification letter will be issued to the student coach. Contact: Milena Gaiga, or 250-356-5183.
  • Provide the documentation to your school counselor.


  • BC Summer Games Team
    -> eligible to receive four credits for Athlete 10
  • Zone Select Team
    -> eligible to receive four credits for Athlete 10
  • Canadian Western Divisional Championships / Canadian Qualifiers
    -> eligible to receive four credits for Athlete 11
  • Canadian Open Championships
    -> eligible to receive four credits for Athlete 12
  • Espoir Nationals
    -> eligible to receive four credits for Athlete 1
  • AAP (Athlete Assistant Program)
    -> eligible to receive four credits for Athlete 11


To get verification and documentation letters for your guidance counselor contact us per email.

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