Star Program

Recreational Program (Star Program)

The Star Program is a developmental skills program for athletes of any age with instruction ranging from basic to advanced skills. This program is suitable for the able bodied and athletes with a disability.

Athletes will learn sculling, body positions, figures, and routine skills while improving strength and body awareness in the water. Competitions and water shows are also part of Synchro – both provide a chance to perform for family and friends.

Recreational athletes typically practice a fewer hours (once or twice a week) considerably less than Provincial and National Stream athletes. Recreational athletes have the opportunity to attend the Recreational Championships which usually takes place in the spring.

Star & Super Star Program
Star 1 Back Layout, Head First Scull, Foot First Scull, Back Flutter Kick, Back Crawl and variations, Tub, Somersault Back Tuck, Waterwheel, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transitions and Back Crawl for speed 25m
Star 2 Front Layout, Propeller and Torpedo, Paddle/Barrel Scull, Side Flutter Kick, Head up Breast Stroke, Eggbeater Stationary, Pretzel, Sailboat Alternate, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transitions and Breast stroke for speed 25m
Star 3 Alligator, Front Pike Position & Pull-down, Front Pike to Submerged Ballet Double Position and Split Scull, Front Flutter Kick, Modified Front Crawl, Eggbeater traveling sideways, Somersault Front Pike, Kick-Pull, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transitions and Front Crawl for speed 25m
Star 4 Ballet Leg Position, Split Position, Reverse Propeller, Front Pike position to split position, split position join to vertical position, eggbeater traveling, Single Ballet Leg, Surface Prawn, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transition, Eggbeater sideways for speed 12m
Star 5 Inverted Tuck Position, Bent Knee Vertical Position, Flamingo Position, Support Scull drill, Support Scull in Table Top Position, Boost, Somersault Back Pike, Kipnus, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transition and Unders
Star 6 Vertical Position and Vertical Descent, Fishtail Position, Front Pike Position to Fishtail Position, Fishtail Position to Bent Knee Vertical Position, Fishtail Position to Vertical Position, Boost, Kip Tower, Bent Knee Vertical Switches and Level changes, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion and Speed/Stamina
Star 7 Submerged Ballet Leg Position, Submerged Flamingo Position & Heron Pike, Thrust for Heron, Barracuda and Barracuda Bent Knee, Back Layout to submerged ballet leg double position and back layout to submerged back pike position, Barracuda Bent Knee, Barracuda, Heron, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transitions and Speed/Stamina
Star 8 Bent Knee Surface Arch Position, Back Layout to Surface Arch to Back Layout Position & Surface Arch Position to Split Scull, Walkout Front, Back Layout to Surface Arch Position to Split Position, Front Pike sot Split Position, Swordfish, Walkover Front, Porpoise, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transitions and Speed/Stamina
Star 9 Centre Split Position, Right Split to Left Split, Walkout Back, Bent Knee Vertical Position – 180 spin, Bent Knee Vertical half twist, Oceanita, Ariana, Walkover Back, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transitions, Speed/Stamina
Star 10 Side Fishtail Position, Knight Position, Single Ballet Leg to Side Ballet Leg to Front Pike Position, Rocket Split, Side Fishtail Split, Swordfish Straight Leg, Routine Element, Routine Propulsion & Transitions and Speed/Stamina
Super Star 1 Fishtail Position Full Twist, Dolphin Arch to Front Pike Position, Flamingo Position to Bent Knee vertical position rollback, Albatross, Flamingo Bent Knee, Barracuda Bent Knee Spin 180 or 360, Ballet Leg Double and Routine Set Parts 1 &2
Super Star 2 Vertical Position Half Twist and Vertical Position Twirl, Vertical Position Spin 360, Vertical Position Spin up 180 or 360, Split Position join to Vertical Position, Bent knee vertical join to vertical with twirl, Bent knee vertical join to vertical with half twist, Porpoise Spinning 360, Barracuda Spinning 180 or 360, Barracuda Spinning 280 or 360 and Routine Set Parts 3 & 4
Super Star 3 Vertical Position Continuous Spin, Vertical Position Full Twist, Bent Knee Vertical join to vertical with 180 spin, Vertical to Split with 360 or 180 rotation, Rocket Bent Knee Twirl, Submerged Ballet Leg to Knight Position, Knight Position to Fishtail Position, Aurora, Travelling Vertical, position, side Bent Knee position, Fishtail Position and Routine Set Part 1 to 4
Super Star 4 Vertical Position, Ballet Leg to inverted tuck, Catalina Rotation, Catalina Reverse Rotation, Fishtail Position 2 Full Twist rapid, Split position closing 360 to vertical position, Dalecarlia start to knight position, knight position to fishtail position 180 arc on surface, Rocket split join to vertical, twirl, vertical descent, Catalina and Ibis
Super Star 5 Dolphin arch to bent knee surface arch to vertical, Ballet Leg to knight, Knight Position to bent knee vertical position, bent knee vertical to bent knee surface arch, fishtail to bent knee surface arch, flamingo rollback to fishtail position, vertical position, Knight, Manta Ray and Cyclone
Super Star 6 Fishtail Position to split position to fishtail position with rapid hip rotation, vertical position, continuous spin, with 3 or more revolutions, split position to vertical position with 260 spin continuing through submergence, bent knee vertical position to vertical with full twist and vertical to bent knee vertical with full twist, Bent knee vertical to vertical with full twist, Rocket split followed by 3609 spin, Barracuda Twirl, Barracuda Continuous Spin, Butterfly, Ballet Leg Double Traveling with a 360 degree rotation
Super Star 7 Fishtail to Vertical with 360 Spin, Fishtail to Knight Position accelerating, Split Position Half Twist, Flying Fish, Kip Full Twist or other twist or spin, Barracuda Somersault Back Pike, Beluga, Helicopter, Heron Spinning 180, Flamingo Bent Knee Continuous Spin

For more information, please visit Synchro Canada’s website.

To order Star Pins, please fill out the Star Pin Order Form and attached to the testing sheets before mailing or emailing them to the office.